Welcome to Road Traffic Equipment Manufacturers Ltd

Last year saw sales growth of our new integral SP4 Bluetooth option for adding journey time to the packet of RTEM traffic data. The continued success of our SP4 cycle counter seems to confrm that our philosophy of making all of our SP4 firmware licence-free has hit the right note with Local Government in these cash-strapped times.

We shall continue to carry our central core message of the unique advantages of our high end product specification and competitive pricing to all our prospective customers during this coming year. Our theme of "Lets squeeze extra value from your existing infrastructure" will continue in 2015 as we strive to make every penny of your budget go as far as possible.

RTEM was formed with the principle aim of bringing some fresh thinking into the traffic monitoring sector of road planning and transportation. For many years Local Authorities have been forced to purchase different products for each engineering task that needed to be done which seemed to our engineers not just wasteful but also unnecessarily expensive.

We undertook to revisit the very concept of these different hardware designs to see if there was a better way forward. If possible we wanted to develop a single platform which could have a wide range of uses by the application of different sets of firmware or ‘apps’.

In addition we wanted to permit the platform to have as many different interfaces to other systems as possible and to be able to offer all these facilities as ‘licence free’ to users.

The subsequent launch of the SP4 platform and its modular equivalent the SP4 C has fulfilled our original design concept and has enabled RTEM to bring a new and quite unique approach to the traffic surveillance industry.

The latest addition to the SP4 family is our new fully integral BlueTooth detector provides the opportunity to carry out each of the following tasks with one single product.

  • Single loop classification
  • Traditional dual loop per lane classification
  • Cycle detection
  • Incident detection
  • Selective vehicle detection
  • Journey time monitoring
  • Installation at signalled junctions
  • Bus priority

For more information or if you would like a demonstration just call +44 (0)1296-655697 or 658308 or email sales@rtem.co.uk

We are pleased to announce, that to support our continued expansion we have moved into our new permises (as of 01/09/2015). You can now find us few miles east towarsd Aylesbury,off A41 between Bicester and Aylesbury.Our new address is;

Building 84, WestCott Venture Park,
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom, HP18 0PH

Please note for SatNav use postcode HP180PH

All product details may be downloaded from www.rtem.co.uk.