About RTEM

Formed in 2006, RTEM Ltd is a small but highly focussed company dedicated to bringing the very latest technology to our road traffic data monitoring market sector.

We provide a unique, low cost, innovative and high quality vehicle detection and classifier platform which may be used either as a traditional remote telemetry operated traffic counter or alternatively within a traffic signal controller to collate traffic data and provide bus priority from existing loops.

The SP4 vehicle classifier unit also has an optional BlueTooth sensor to provide journey time data in addition to the normal packet of vehicle class data. For the very first time this provides journey time data at a really cost effective price for the UK Local Authority market. This product combination has the advantage of offering the user an enhanced data set from a single source, a single site and from a single power supply, just by adding a suitable antenna.

The company's philosophy is to reduce hardware variations to an absolute minimum and to provide as much flexibility for that platform to undertake as many different traffic engineering tasks as possible.

RTEM has a number of different firmwares, or "apps" for each specific application, for example offering vehicle classification from an existing volume only single loop per lane site. All RTEM firmware is licence free and may be uploaded and changed as required.

Data can be transmitted via GSM or GPRS telemetry for remote classification sites or via fibre cable, Ethernet, ADSL or twisted Cat 5 cable connections for traffic signal applications.

Data can be analysed and reported using RTEM's free Microdial software or it may interface to other widely used database packages such as C2, VDA and Tara. RTEM's equipment can also be integrated into UTC/UTMC systems.

RTEM's unique approach to the traffic engineering market provides the opportunity for Local Authorities to add significant additional features and functions to their existing installed equipment register at an extremely low cost.

The company is continuing to further develop this unique SP4 platform searching for new low cost effective ways of providing better and more accurate information for traffic engineers and transport planners.

R.T.E.M. Ltd

is registered in England with company number 05713754 and VAT registration number 878626858.

Registered office:
Technology House
29 Cope Close, Oxford, OX2 9AJ
United Kingdom