AXD4 – Axle Detecting Profiling Firmware

AXD4 is a downloadable firmware application for the SP4 classifier. This has been developed to operate on a standard loop site with 2 loops in each lane. In addition to standard classification techniques AXD4 also has the ability to detect the number of axles on a vehicle and the appropriate axle spacing. This additional feature enables the SP4 to be used with almost any axle based classification scheme.

Other manufacturers rely on the use of PIEZO sensors to obtain high accuracy axle based classified results. The AXD4 firmware will provide results very close to that of PIEZO based products. This will not however, include the very high installation and maintenance costs that are normally associated with such systems.

Advanced software filters enable the reduction of errors due to “tailgating” traffic, straddling vehicles and “phantom” vehicles caused by large vehicles travelling close to the edge of the loops. These filters significantly improve the results obtained from queuing traffic at rush hour and roads with poor lane discipline. AXD4 can also distinguish between a straddling vehicle and 2 vehicles travelling side by side.

The AXD4 firmware can also store loop signatures. Standard classification schemes are often employed by many users around the world that provide barely adequate results. Differences between vehicles can be easily seen from country to country and sometimes region to region.

With the AXD4 firmware the signature of any individual vehicle type can be stored and sent to our engineers for analysis. Class schemes can be quickly adapted or created from these results. In this way we can often make changes in days that many companies would consider to time consuming and costly to implement.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Signature Pattern Profiling Technology
  • Congested Traffic Filters
  • Straddle Detection
  • Adjacent vehicle Detection
  • Phantom Vehicle Elimination
  • Axle Based Class Schemes
  • Up to 24 Vehicle Classes
  • Class Customisation Available
  • Vehicle by Vehicle Data
  • FAT 16 Windows Compatible File Storage