CYC4 – Cycle Detecting Firmware

CYC4 is a downloadable firmware application for the SP4 classifier. This firmware is primarily aimed at the detection of cycles on dedicated cycle lanes, cycle paths and cycle tracks.

On site trials accurate results have been determined using most of the various arrays used by our competition. However, using loop arrays installed to our specification all modern carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium cycles can be detected easily.

Our recommended loop is a chevron loop similar to loops used at traffic lights. The number of turns is increased to enhance changes in the signature pattern. With this loop we can ensure errors are eliminated and the results are to a high level of accuracy.

The use of signature pattern recognition techniques eliminates many of the common errors including prams, shopping trolleys and push chairs. The direction of traffic can be determined if a second loop is installed.

Many countries are now encouraging the use of cycles to help reduce pollution and traffic congestions problems. This has led to an increase in the number of cyclists on the road which reinforces the need to collect count data.

The CYC4 complements the range of firmware solutions available to make the SP4 one of the most flexible products currently available.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Operates on Legacy Sites
  • Directional Counting
  • Detects lightweight cycles
  • Signature Pattern Recognition
  • Vehicle by Vehicle Data
  • FAT 16 Windows Compatible File Storage