MicroDial Advance

MicroDial Advance is a software suite for use for use on a standard PC. MicroDial Mobile is a variant for use on the R4211 netbook. The software suite includes a setup program for entering site parameters into the classifier. A Telemetry program will enable the user to collect data remotely. Finally, the database program provides for the collation and reporting of data.

For anyone unfamiliar with the software a step by step wizard is available to setup the details of a site for the first time. For subsequent changes editing individual entries in the parameter table would be easier for most users.

The monitoring screen is available to enable the user to view the data for each vehicle as they are detected in real time. This screen also has a provision for the user to view and store individual vehicle signatures. If these signatures are stored and sent to our engineers, we can use this information to develop a custom class scheme.

Data can be collected remotely using either PSTN or GSM/GPRS modems using the Telemetry module. Most users will set the software up to dial automatically overnight and will manually dial up for any missing data the following day. If a user has a large number of sites they can be setup in a number of groups. Each group will be assigned its own modem and associated com. port. This allows the user to download data from a number of sites at the same time.

The software produces reports in HTML format that can be viewed through Microsoft Word, Excel or any web browser. The software also has the provision to send any data or fault reports to clients via email.

Key Features

  • Simple Classifier Setup Wizard
  • Real Time Vehicle Monitoring
  • Signature Capture
  • Up to 2GB Memory
  • Group Dialing
  • Report Wizard
  • Data and Fault Email Reports