MicroDial Lite

MicroDial Lite is a simple easy to use PDA setup and monitoring program. This would normally be used for installation and data collection in the field.

The software has an Auto Scan feature to scan the available com ports and baud rates for the correct settings. This removes one of the most frustrating problems users come across in the field.

The program has both a wizard based and a manual edit facility for setting the site parameters on the classifier. The data collected from individual vehicles can be monitored in real time on an additional screen. Data can also be downloaded from the classifier and stored on the PDA.

Many customers have a number of sites which are essentially the same with the exception of the site specific details. The software has the facility to create and store configuration files. These can be uploaded onto the classifier which could then be edited to correct the site details. This would considerably reduce the work involved in setting up machines on site.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Clear display Output
  • Automatic COM Port Setup
  • Real Time Vehicle by Vehicle Display
  • Pre-Defined Configuration files
  • Fast Data Retrieval