SLC4 – Single loop Classification Firmware

SLC4 is a downloadable firmware application for the SP4 classifier. This has been designed to provide classification data from a single loop site and is the only machine in the world capable of operating this way.

Until this moment in time count data is the only information that could be obtained from a single loop site. The SLC4 firmware will supply full classification data on every individual vehicle using the Euro6 classification scheme. The ability to provide speed, vehicle type and 85 percentile reports from existing count only sites is seen as a tremendous breakthrough.

The single loop classifier was developed to operate with most standard 3 or 4 turn loop arrays in urban applications. Thus it can be used as a direct replacement for many existing count only machines.

Data is supplied in vehicle by vehicle format and includes date, time, lane number, length, speed, class, gap, headway, number of axles, chassis height and direction for every vehicle. This offers a tremendous range of analysis options and eliminates the limitations that are created by using binned data.

The SLC4 firmware provides an opportunity for many customers to easily convert simple count summaries into detailed speed and classification reports.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Signature Pattern Profiling Technology
  • Euro6 Class Scheme
  • FAT 16 Windows Compatible File Storage
  • Vehicle by Vehicle Data
  • Direct Replacement for Legacy Counters