SP4 pattern signature profiling classifier

The SP4 pattern signature profiling classifier is a new product platform for a range of downloadable firmware applications. This design philosophy provides a very low cost, 4 loop classifier that can be swiftly adapted to suit almost any vehicle data collection application.

Amongst the variety of applications available are innovative functions such as the ability to classify from a single loop.

World First

This is the only product in the world capable of collecting full classified data from a single loop. Many users that currently only collect incremental count data could provide speed and vehicle type classification reports from their existing sites.

The single loop array is also the shortest in the direction of travel. This will enable the SP4 to function correctly on many congested sites where tailgating would render a two loop machine unusable.

Our firmware for a standard two loop classification site has software enhancements that permit the detection of vehicle axles and axle spacing. Class schemes used by PIEZO based products can be exploited. Thus we can provide high accuracy axle based results without the high expense associated with the installation and maintenance of PIEZO sensors.

The SP4 stores vehicle by vehicle data for date, time, vehicle number, lane number, length, speed, classification, gap, headway, number of axles, chassis height, presence time and direction for each vehicle. This allows the greatest level of flexibility in data manipulation and creation of reports.

Data is stored on a compact flash memory card using the Windows® Fat16 file format. The data file can be viewed using WordPad® rather than any proprietary in-house software. A 2 GB Compact flash card will store up to 50,000,000 vehicles which will store several years of data for a typical installation.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Signature Pattern Profiling Technology
  • Downloadable Firmware Applications
  • Up to 2GB Memory
  • Classifies up to 24 types of Vehicle
  • FAT 16 Windows Compatible File Storage
  • Standard USB and Serial Interfaces
  • Vehicle by Vehicle Data
  • GSM/GPRS Telemetry Port
  • Low/Solar Powered Operation
  • Output Switch